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The .ALSACE on sale on the occasion of #AlsaceFanDay!

Find out about the origins of #AlsaceFanDay and the advantages of the .ALSACE on special offer the 24th of June 2019!

This Monday, the Alsatian International Union offers a dedicated day to the Alsatian culture: the #AlsaceFanDay. Therefore, Netim joins the celebration by offering an exceptional promotion on the .ALSACE extension: €5 excluding tax/ year instead of €36 excluding tax/ year (the first year only).


The origins of #AlsaceFanDay


The Alsace Fan Day date was not randomly chosen. First of all, June 24 is the summer solstice period with the longest days and the shortest nights. In addition, the 24th of June is right after Saint John celebration. A celebration particularly appreciated in Alsace with numerous fires and pyres.

Moreover, this celebration is organized by the International Union of Alsatians, which brings together some 50 associations of Alsatian expatriates and nearly 80,000 people worldwide. This day is an opportunity to spread the Alsatian influence and unique culture throughout the world.

The first edition took place last year and was marked  by the “Flammekueche” a typical Alsatian pie. From Dubai to Beijing, Miami to Bangkok, this Alsatian meal was put under the spotlight. The purpose of this celebration was to meet and taste this typical Alsatian meal and share the best photos on social media with the dedicated hashtag: #AlsaceFanDay.


 2019 edition, from Alsace to .ALSACE


#AlsaceFanDay 2019


This year, the Alsatian Union set up an edition based on the perfect pairings between Alsace’s dishes and wines. A great theme that gives you a glimpse of the Alsatian gastronomic culture!

The purpose remains the same, the participants gather around a table and share their love a local Alsatian recipes. The Alsatian Union also offers to post a photo of their shared dish on social networks with #AlsaceFanDay.

Once again, the international influence of this culture can be noticed. From New York to French Polynesia, many expatriate associations put together local events on the occasion.

See the dynamic map of international events planned for June 24, 2019.


#AlsaceFanDay 2019 – Mapping of the international events


Special offer on .ALSACE


This year, Netim joins the Alsatian celebration by offering a special discount on the local extension .ALSACE: €5 excluding taxes instead of €36 excluding taxes/year (the first year only).

This promotion will only be valid on the 24th of June 2019 (the date on which #AlsaceFanDay takes place) and will only focus on domain creation.


What are the advantages of a .ALSACE?


This extension as being dedicated to a geographical area allows its owner to establish its notoriety on a specific territory. Being a region particularly proud of its identity characteristics, Alsace will welcome a website in .ALSACE. If you have trade with Alsace, the desire to develop your activity in this territory or if you are a lover of this region, then this extension is made for you.

There is no specific restriction for the acquisition of such an extension, just follow the open order procedure on our website.



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