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More than 20,000 domaines released, an opportunity to catch!

Identity Digital releases a large number of extensions at Premium rates

Identity Digital registry (the result of a merger between Donuts and Afilias) is releasing over 20,000 reserved domain names around 20 different extensions. Most of the domain names concerned contain 1, 2 or 3 characters.

They will be available in two phases:

  • from 14th June 2024 via an early access phase (see details below)
  • from 19th June 2024 at 17:00 UTC during general availability

Pre-orders for these domain names are already available on Netim. You can find the list of all the domain names concerned below:

See the list of domain names concerned

A large number of high-value domain names will be available, including 1 or 2 character domains such as .INFO and .BIO… This release involves an early access phase (Early Access Program or EAP) with a system of degressive Premium rates.

Each EAP phase starts at 17:00 UTC:

  • EAP 3: from 14th to 15th June
  • EAP 4: from 15th to 16th June
  • EAP 5-7: from 16th to 19th June
  • GA: 19th June

Don’t hesitate to contact us at  for any further question.

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