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NIS 2: Cyber security made easy!

April fool! 🐟 🤪

What is the NIS 2 Directive?

The NIS 2 Directive, “Network and Information Security” version 2, (Directive (EU) 2022/2555) is a legislative act that aims to achieve a high common level of cyber security in the European Union.

Member States must ensure that essential and important entities take appropriate and proportionate technical, operational and organisational measures to manage the risks associated with the security of networks and information systems, and to prevent or minimise the impact of incidents on the recipients of their services and on other services. These measures must be based on an all-hazards approach.

What impact will the NIS 2 Directive have on the registration of domain names?

Registering a domain name will require the provision of personal and/or professional information.

This information will have to be verified by your registrar.

It is therefore important to be ahead of the game by having your details checked quickly, as this will inevitably have an impact on the time taken to register your domain names.

Once your account and data have been verified, you won’t have to wait any longer to register your domain names.

Do not expect to use a non-European registrar, as they will have to comply with the same rules if they wish to market European extensions.

What is the timetable for the NIS 2 Directive?

The directive will be adopted by the Member States, published and effective from October 2024.

3 games proposed by the european commission

To give as many people as possible a better understanding of NIS 2 and the risks associated with cyber security, 3 new types of game will be distributed at various events and in schools.

As our contact pointed out, “Cybersecurity is ageless”.

A board game

Imagine a sort of goose game, where the aim is to get to square 100 named “You are ready for NIS 2!

In the project presented, we saw “You’ve been hacked”, “You’re a victim of phishing” and other boxes forcing you to move back a few squares.

Fortunately, there are bonus boxes to help you move forward more quickly, such as “Your softwares are up to date” or “You have activated 2FA”.

A collectible card game

This is a trading card game, like Pokémon, Magic etc., except that the cards represent the main cyber threats (malware, phishing, ransomware, identity theft, cybersquatting etc.).

You will have to fight villains such as “The Evil Phisher”, “The Masked Ransomware” and “The Computer Virus” using special cards such as “Software up to date” and “My data is verified”.

The game’s joker card has been unveiled exclusively: “I use Netim”, which means you can systematically win the fight 😉

A quiz

Perhaps a little more classic, the quiz will reach out to a more adult class! The game will be based on a series of multiple-choice questions covering various aspects related to cybersecurity.

Here are two examples that we were able to see:

Question 1: The NIS 2 Directive will directly or indirectly impact :

A. Everyone
B. Large companies only
C. Digital companies only
D. Public administrations

Question 2: What is the code name for NIS 2?

A. New Superior Intelligence 2
B. Network and Information Security
C. Nonstop Internet Security 2
D. New Internet Surprises 2

Which of these 3 games would you like to play?

Sébastien Almiron

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer (CSMO) @ Netim

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