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Black Friday: up to -97% discount on a range of extensions!

Check out our discounted extensions for Black Friday!

Black Friday is always the right time to do business!
This year Netim has concocted a selection of 10 extensions for a Black Friday discount (and just beyond). 

Up to -97% discount to check out on our website.

To help you see more clearly, here is the list of extensions, the start and end dates of the promotion, the sales prices and the discount percentages.


Until November 30th, the .EU is on sale at €2

From November 20th until November 30th the .EU (Europe) is at -67%: €2 instead of €6.

Take advantage of this opportunity to register your .EU domain name and develop your presence on the European market. Thanks to an offer focused on the plurality of European alphabets, you will be able to register your domain name in your native language thanks to the use of IDNs.

Black Friday .EU

Check out the availability!


From December 1st to 15th, .COM is on special offer!

.COM is the extension par excellence. In the mid-1980s, the American government created .com for commercial entities only. Today, this extension is operated by Verisign registry without any restrictions on registration.

With more than 152 million domain names and 42% of the world’s registrations, this extension is no longer worth introducing.

The first half of December, take advantage of the .COM discount: €8 instead of €12.

Black Friday .COM

Register your domain!


The .FR at €8 only for Black Friday!

Afnic (the registry in charge of managing the .FR extension) has more than 3.9 million .FR domain names, so why not take advantage of the Black Friday offer to put your website in the colours of France?

From the 1st to the 15th of December, register your .FR domain name and benefit from a 33% discount: €8 instead of €12!

Psssst! For those who don’t know yet, the .FR is available for everyone thanks to our trustee service option… 🥳

Black Friday .FR

Register your .FR domain name!


The .PARIS extension is on sale until December 31st, 2022

A promotion is underway on .PARIS! Your activity is closely or remotely related to the city of Paris? Then take advantage of this exceptional promotion to register your domain name in .PARIS at €12 instead of €36, that is to say -36% of the usual price!

Black Friday .PARIS

See the offer!

Until November 28th, take advantage of the .TV at 88% off, that is to say for only €4!

The Black Friday promotions continue with the .TV extension originally dedicated to the entertainment and information universe. In the 21st century, .TV is now gathering even more communities and is now used for content creation in general. Content creators from all over the world, streamers or social media, .TV has become THE extension to highlight these activities!

From 22nd to 28th of November, take advantage of the .TV for €4 instead of €32… a best deal not to be missed!

Black Friday .TV

Take advantage of this offer!


.ME (Montenegro) at low prices from November 25th to December 1st

From November 25th to December 1st, the national extension of Montenegro is at -89%: €2 instead of €18.

This national extension is open to all and without restrictions. Why is this? The term “me” has a strong international connotation and is therefore widely used by many companies for user spaces.

To find out more, see our dedicated article: “From Montenegro to Spotify, discover the .ME!

Black Friday .ME

See the .ME!


Notice to all artists: it’s time to switch to the .ART extension with a discounted registration!

With the .ART extension, it has never been easier to get closer to the artistic and cultural world on an international level. This makes it easy to promote any form of art, whether you are the author of your own work or a museum or other place dedicated to culture.

The .ART is on special offer from November 25th to December 4th at €3 instead of €16 : -81%!

Black Friday .ART

Register my .ART domain name


The .BEST is also on sale during Black Friday

From November 23rd to the end of 2022, take advantage of .BEST at -92% to assert your area of expertise.

Whether it’s for a restaurant, a hotel or a service company, a show, we’ve become increasingly demanding and look for the best. It is therefore not surprising that the word “best” is one of the most searched words in search engines.

Black Friday .BEST

Register your .BEST!


From November 21st to 30th, the .EUS (Basque Country) is on special offer!

The .EUS stands for Euskal Herria or Basque Country in Basque language. Show your belonging to the Basque culture and share the richness of this land with a local extension such as .EUS.

With our discount during the whole month of December, take advantage of a 93% discount: €2 instead of €28, for the registration of your domain name.

Black Friday .EUS

Learn more about the .EUS!


Finally: the solidarity highlighted during Black Friday with three beautiful extensions

An exceptional promotion for Black Friday on the .CHARITY, .FOUNDATION and .GIVES extensions!
All good causes are good to defend. That’s why, until December 31st, these extensions are priced at €1 instead of €30 for Black Friday, a 97% discount.

Associations, voluntary actions, humanitarian projects, foundations… Defend your values!


Learn more about the .FOUNDATION Learn more about the .CHARITY Learn more about the .GIVES


If discounts rain down on Black Friday, they will continue until Cyber Monday and beyond!

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