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The .WIEN (Vienna) is on sale during the month of April!

Learn more about the .WIEN, a 100% Austrian extension

It is not always easy to make your way on the Internet. That is why many cities have decided to register their own extension. Thus, Paris (.paris), London (.london), New York City (.nyc) are some of the local extensions available for registration.

These extensions are designed for local economic players, residents, associations or any other project aimed at promoting the city. For example, .wien stands for the Austrian capital: Vienna.

Currently on sale, let’s take a look at a 100% Austrian extension, advantages and opportunities, current promotion, discover the .wien!

The .wien: advantages and opportunities

For companies

For Viennese professionals, a .wien address offers some significant advantages:

  • a short and memorable web address
  • highlight the pride of being Viennese 
  • a wider range of domain name and/or email address choices
  • a clear understanding of the company’s location 
  • search engine optimization, especially for local and mobile searches

These different points help to reinforce the company’s brand image as being rooted in cultural heritage, local dynamics, etc. Many cities wish to develop this logic of local growth and development.

So, why not take advantage of this dynamic?

Order your .wien domain name!


For the Viennese and the city of Vienna

For individuals and the city of Vienna, a local extension offers real opportunities:

  • the creation of a dedicated digital space 
  • highlight the pride of being Viennese 
  • a wider range of domain name and/or e-mail address choices
  • showcasing local achievements and dynamism 
  • a way to show the various innovations, creations of the city of Vienna 
  • to promote the attractiveness of the city of Vienna for professionals and private individuals respectively

It is understandable that cities often see real opportunities behind the deployment of their own extension. Whether Vienna or other world capitals, cities seek to showcase local knowledge and dynamism.


The .WIEN is on exceptional sale during the month of April!



Currently available for registration 

Conditions: open to all 
Price: €16 excl. tax/year instead of €32 excl. tax/year


Order your .wien!

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