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Check out the .gay extension and its commitment to the LGBTQ community!

On the occasion of the day of tolerance, let's take a look at the .gay extension, a committed extension!

The .gay extension aims to create a secure digital space dedicated to companies, freelancers, members or allies of the LGBTQ community.

This short and impactful extension will bring dynamism to your website, email address, business card. But, it is not only improving your brand image, but it is also committed to its community.

Let’s discover together the advantages of .gay, the Registry’s commitments, and the conditions of attribution!


A Registry committed to defending LGBTQ rights


The Registry takes pride in affirming its commitment to the LGBTQ community. How does this translate?
Through two specific actions.

  1. 20% of the revenues (not profits) generated by the sale of .gay domains are being donated to associations helping LGBTQ communities. This is an unprecedented action in the domain name industry and a high added value for these organizations, which are particularly fond of this type of lasting donations.
    This year, the Registry is supporting the two associations GLAAD and CenterLink.
  2. The Registry also wants to fight against hatred and discrimination on the Internet. To this end, it is putting in place a charter for the use of this extension. This charter allows the Registry to take measures and restrictions against Internet users who intentionally use .gay to harm or promote homophobia.


A community already united around the .gay


Before starting this project, the Registry wanted to conduct a survey to collect Internet user’s reactions to the .gay Top Level Domain. The respondents were mainly members of the LGBTQ community but also “allies”. That is to say, people working for the defense and voice of LGBTQ rights.

The feedbacks were very positive. Indeed, the main question was to define how this extension was perceived. Was it a communitarian, exclusive feeling? Or on the contrary inclusive, open to the world and others?

It turns out that the majority of respondents perceive .gay as an inclusive extension, working for the defense of LGBTQ rights. But also as an extension focusing on strong issues such as freedom of expression, access to information, entertainment, and the safety of members of the LGBTQ community in the digital world.


of LGBTQ community members state they would be more likely to use a .gay site because of the value they see for their communities.


among the LGBTQ community members state, they see .gay as creating an even better online experience.


of LGBTQ community members and allies state that they see .gay changing freedom of self-expression for the better.


See the .gay!

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