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The .design is fantastic for fast growing-creative companies! And it’s currently on sale at Netim!

How can we explain such a success? What are the examples of companies using it?

Since its creation in 2015, the .design has not ceased to interest the biggest companies. In fact, this extension can easily supplant itself to a .com. How? By clearly announcing the tone and type of speech the brand will hold on this dedicated platform.

What is the history and benefit of this extension? Which companies are using it? What are the terms of the current promotion? Find out all you need to know about the .design!


A little bit of history…


This extension, created in 2015, focuses on the designers. These creative profiles are fervent consumers of qualitative content. They enjoy sharing their works and latest discoveries, but they are also in a perpetual quest of inspiration. Being particularly active on the internet, these designers are also fond of dedicated platform on which they share design-oriented content.

Here are some figures representing the American designer market.


Therefore, designers represent in their diversity a considerable part of the business world. This trend is even more important that the consumer is being more and more sensitive to brand image. Brands want to keep on being attractive to consumer. In addition to its “values”, the design and creative aspect of companies play a big part in the consumer mind.

As a consequence, this extension can be used by many companies much broader than design agencies, such as any society with a design department. Here are some example of related-design jobs or activities.


So what is the interest for companies to create their .design websites? What are the advantages of creating specific websites for a dedicated type of content?


Some examples of companies using this extension


Obviously, each companies has its own reasons. The aim is not to make an exhaustive list of companies using this extension but to highlight some of the work done by big companies! a collection of articles, resources by Facebook designers.


This platform, an annex to the world-famous-known, is willing to deliver specific creative content. It highlights the work of Facebook prestigious designers. Apart from consolidating its expertise areas and increasing its visibility, this website is also about valuing the Facebook team. By putting forward the amazing job done by the team, the aim is to make people want to join the team and work in the Facebook creative department. presents team news, and inbound marketing with a clear focus on recruitment including videos, articles and app. The resources tab is full of shared tools meant to streamline designer work flows while the careers tab presents all available design-centric careers.

facebook-design specific oriented content parent of the music streaming platform highlights the work of Spotify designers. Whether it is through case studies, background articles, sharing of experience designers are helping out.

What’s the point here? Create dedicated content for designers, show the work done within the Spotify company and, finally, give the visitor the desire to join the team!

spotify-designspotify-design-contenu a new look for the brand!


Uber has had such rebound since its creation that bad publicity was inevitable. The company tat is synonymous with popularizing “on demand” and “sharing economy” technology has become equally known for its HR issues.

No doubt a breath of fresh air was needed to show a different image of the company.

Thanks to the website, the company highlights new aspect of the team life. Case study, new functionalities on the app, strategic initiatives, many contents are available for all.

In addition, the company places particular emphasis on women and minorities in strategic positions.



The .design is on sale!


This extension is actually on sale until 30/06/2020 at Netim!


Currently available to order

Conditions: open to all

Price: €14 year instead of €36


Order your .design!

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