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The .beauty .hair .skin & .makeup are joining our extension extensions list!

See you on March 2nd 2021 for the general opening of the 4 extensions .beauty .hair .skin & .makeup!

On March 2, 2021 at 14:00 UTC 4 beauty extensions will be launched: .beauty .hair .skin & .makeup!
These were sold by the cosmetics firm L’Oréal to the XYZ registry on January 10, 2020. It is, indeed, this major French industrial firm that originally owned these 4 extensions. However, the commercial purpose behind this acquisition was not clear. Some of them were open to registration, others not, or at exorbitant prices. Under these conditions, it was difficult for the consumer to find his way around.
The .makeup, for example, was first closed to registration before being released at $300, then $5,000, and finally at $10,000. Needless to say, the number of registrations never hit record highs!

Today, the XYZ registry has taken over the management of .beauty .hair .skin & .makeup, and the launch phases are approaching. Secure and pre-order your domains today on our website!


Launch your makeup projects with .makeup

The new .makeup extension makes your domain as flawless as your brand. Specially designed for cosmetic brands, professionals, and .makeup enthusiasts! This extension allows you to position yourself as a key player in the cosmetics industry.

.makeup domains are perfect for :

  • cosmetic brands
  • make-up artists
  • make-up blogs

Currently available for pre-order
Conditions: open to all
Price: €18 / year

Get your .makeup!


Enhance the visibility of beauty projects with .beauty

The new extension .beauty makes your domain name as exciting as your brand. Designed for beauty brands, professionals, and cosmetics enthusiasts, .beauty show that you have what it takes to make your audience look even more beautiful! ?

.beauty domains are perfect for :

  • Cosmetic, hair care, and skincare brands
  • The stylists
  • Make-up artists

The innovation found in the beauty sector finally has an extension worthy of the name. Don’t wait and register your Beauty domain today!

Currently available for pre-order
Conditions: open to all
Price: €18 / year

Order your .beauty!


Serums, creams, lotions, skincare with .skin

Pamper your domain name with the .skin! Designed for skincare brands and dermatology professionals, the .skin brings a real identity to your website. It defines you as a real player in the dermatological care sector and shows your audience that you have the solutions to their skincare needs.

.skin domains are perfect for :

  • Skincare brands
  • Estheticians and beauticians
  • Skin Care Blogs

Pamper your online presence with the only area reserved for the skincare community.

Currently available for pre-order
Conditions: open to all
Price: €18 / year

See the .skin!


The .hair, for all your capillary projects!

Add a .hair to your domain name for a presence that will make more than one head spin!

Specially designed for hair care brands, professionals, and hairdressing enthusiasts, the .hair extension gives your company a place in the hair care sector.

A .hair domain is perfect for :

  • Haircare brands
  • Hairdressing salons and freelance hairdressers
  • Hair Blogs

Indulge yourself with the only domain name designed for the hair care industry.

Currently available for pre-order
Conditions: open to all
Price: €18 / year

Get your .hair!


As you can see, these extensions .beauty .hair .skin & .makeup have a very special status. By asserting themselves as essential extensions in the beauty sector at affordable prices, they offer a qualitative digital presence to many professionals and amateurs.

This is an opportunity for some to develop digital services, such as online appointment scheduling for example!


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