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Relaunch of .FORUM extension!

All the information you need to know about the relaunch of the .FORUM tld

Relaunch: save the dates!

The .FORUM extension is being launched again! There are a lot of new things to expect, but also to be discovered through this article which will resume all the important information.

To make sure you don’t miss anything during the various launch phases, here is a reminder of the key dates for the relaunch of .FORUM:

  • Sunrise*: from 2023-04-12 (16:00 UTC) to 2023-05-10 (15:59 UTC) at €1,142 excl. VAT
  • EAP Day 6: from 2023-05-15 (16:00 UTC) to 2023-05-16 (15:59 UTC) at €1,142 excl. VAT
  • EAP Day 7: from 2023-05-16 (16 :00 UTC) to 2023-05-17 (15:59 UTC) at €592 excl. VAT
  • General availability: from 2023-05-17 (16 :00 UTC) at €42 excl. VAT

*For the Sunrise phase, SMD (Signed Mark Data) file is not required to complete a domain name registration.


Lower pricing!

First good news concerning .FORUM: the registration costs have been drastically reduced! Before the relaunch of the extension, it was necessary to count €998 excl. VAT for a registration… which was relatively high.

From May 17th at 4pm (i.e. the day of the general availability) the .FORUM will be available to registration for €42 excl. VAT! This is an extraordinary price reduction… It would be a pity not to take advantage of it?


Release of domain names and 1 and 2 characters

Another not-to-be-missed news for the .FORUM. There is a release of reserved domain names. This means that some domain names that were previously unavailable will be available, starting at €42. This release also includes some 1 and 2 character domain names. Many Premium domain names are available, you can check them right here:

Download the Premium .FORUM domain names list

The entire list is available for pre-order.


To conclude!

In short, the agenda for the relaunch of the .FORUM extension is composed of the following 4 phases:

Phases for .FORUM relaunch

With this new launch, you will now be able to register your .FORUM domain name for €42 excl. VAT instead of €998 previously!

You can also take advantage of the many 1 and 2 character domain names that have been released and are available for registration (in pre-order).

There is also a list of over 300,000 Premium domain names available for pre-order.

Register my .alsace domain name

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