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Find out about the .MR, the extension of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania!

How was this extension created? What are the advantages of such an extension? What are the restrictions attached to .MR?

The .MR is the geographical extension related to Mauritania. It represents a part of the internet space associated with this country. Find out the history of this extension, its advantages and restrictions!


History of the .MR


First of all, this extension dates back to the mid-1990s. In fact, it was in April 1996 that the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of the University of Nouakchott was entrusted with the .MR management.

Surprisingly, the country was not yet connected to the Internet network. This is why the FST was forced to call on external partners to host .MR domain name servers. It is with the Montpellier IRD that took the responsibility of hosting those servers.

In April 2000, the Faculty of Science and Technology repatriated the servers hosted in Montpellier. Thus, a NIC (Network Information Center) was created within the FST with the following main missions:

  • Naming management: the purpose is to register domain names.
  • The operation of domain name servers (DNS) for the Islamic Republic of Mauritania area.


What are the advantages of the . MR?


There are many advantages to register a top level domain name assigned to a geographic area.

  • First of all, you register your brand in a given country in order to protect it. The major risk for some companies is to not register their domain with the associated extensions. So when they realize that their domain is no longer available, it is very complicated to take over that domain.
  • Then you affirm your identity and show your belonging to a community.
  • Finally, you are close to your potential customers. Users tend to visit websites with the local extension of the country in which they reside.


Conditions of use


Registration of a .MR domain name is subject to the following conditions:


– A citizen residing in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania
– A Mauritanian citizen living abroad
– Any entity registered in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania
– A foreign entity legal entity with a substantive business link with the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

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