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EURid launches new eligibility criteria for the .EU

Find out about the launch on the 19th of October 2019 of new eligibility criteria for the .EU

Since the 19th of October, the registry in charge of the administration of the European extension has decided to update its eligibility criteria. Find out everything you need to know about this news in the following article!


New eligibility criteria for the .EU


Since its launch in 2006, EURid had set restrictions in the acquiring process of the European extension: the .EU. Thus, only individuals residing within the European Union and the European Economic Area member states could acquire a .EU domain. Therefore, residents of 31 countries were eligible to register a .EU domain: 28 EU Member States and 3 European Free Trade Association Member States: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.


From now on, and in order to face the constant changes of the European population, EURid has decided to no longer base its eligibility criteria only on the place of residence.


It is now possible for all natural person who are citizens of the Union to request the registration of a .EU domain, regardless of their place of residence. 


“We are excited to be able to extend the registration criteria to EU citizens around the world. The .eu domain is now closer to your ambitions, achievements and dreams. It is the bridge connecting you to your friends and family – even if you live outside the EU. It will always show your roots, your outlook, and your cultural values.” Marc van Wesemael, EURid’s CEO.



In brief


As of October 19 2019, registration of .EU domains may be requested by:

  • a citizen of the Union, regardless of his place of residence
  • a natural person who is not a citizen of the Union and who resides in one of the Member States
  • an undertaking established in the Union 
  • an organization established in the Union, without prejudices to applicable national law

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The .EU and its new challenges


With more than 3.7 million domains registered, the .EU is a key figure of the European digital dynamics. More than a geographical area, the aim is to facilitate the merge of European projects.

Thus, many companies, organizations or individuals have decided to adopt a .EU domain. Why? Because it made sense within their business. Using a .EU domain has a direct impact by showing the company’s desire to think and act transnational.

With millions of expatriates citizens in Canada, United States and Australia (to name just a few), the European people are constantly on the move. With an eventful political scene, 2019 has not been an easy year for the EU. Being intimately linked to this European dynamic, the registry in charge of . EU has been able to take advantage of these changes.

Faced with the rise of populism, Brexit and Euroscepticism, EURid has chosen to take the opposite approach and develop a truly European digital economy. This activity enables exchanges and projects between Member States, whether or not residing within the EU.

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