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For over thirty years, the .ORG has ensured the digital presence of associations, companies and individuals. What qualities have attracted these millions of users? What are the terms of the current promotion? Find out everything you need to know about the .ORG in this article! 


Why choose the .ORG?


1) 30 years experience in the extensions sector

When you choose your domain name, it goes without saying that you must pay a particular attention to what is placed before and after the dot. So, by choosing an extension specific to common good activities, you are affirming yourself as part of a sector, a vision.

This positioning is even more important that it allows you to differentiate yourself from other more basic and neutral extensions.

Thanks to many years of experience and millions of users, this extension is also recognized as a reliable and secure gTLD (Generic top level domain). A particularly reassuring image for Internet users.


2) An extension open to all

Contrary to popular belief, this extension is not reserved for non-profit organizations. In fact, there are many other organizations aimed at changing mentalities, societal problems, etc.

For example, some companies have internal associations promoting gender equality, some clubs allow elderly people to get out of loneliness, civic groups educate youth, etc.

All these entities, which are not necessarily “organizations” have their place among the .ORG community! And although their goals differ, the process of making their voices speak for a greater cause remains the same!


3) Safety, equality and quality

PIR (Public Interest Registry) is the Registry in charge of administrating and marketing the .ORG. This organization has always been committed to ensuring a safe and secure place for the internet users. It was the first to set up the DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension). This practice allows to secure the exchanges between two DNS servers and thus avoid misappropriation of traffic by malicious actors.

In order to stay at the very best of technical practices, PIR has many trustful partners. These enduring professional relations allow the Registry to to guarantee the best safety standards to its users.

In addition to these technical missions, the registry has decided to contribute to digital security education. HTTPS standards, data protection, the goal is to make the Internet a safer space throughout knowledge sharing.


4) .ORG an extension that serves a greater cause

As part of its charter, PIR is committed to make Internet accessible to all.

Thus, more than 50% of the income due to extensions selling are returned to this cause.

Therefore, buying a .ORG is contributing to the deployment and accessibility of a better Internet.


Terms and conditions of the .ORG promotion!




Price: €8 instead of €16 excl.VAT/ year until 2022-09-30 included.

Conditions: open to all 

Available now for registration


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