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Our client Dean Decho from Ecoinomy.eu has won an award at the .EU Web Awards 2023!

Find out more about Dean's experience in this interview 🏆

On 16th November, Dean Decho won the award for best website in the Rising Stars category at the .EU Web Awards! We’re very proud to count him among our customers, and invite you to read his account of this wonderful experience in the colours of the European Union… 🇪🇺


Why choose the .EU ?


Choosing the .EU extension for your domain name, as you will have realised, means showing that you belong to the European Union. But that’s not all…
Here are some of the advantages of registering an .EU domain name:

  • A guarantee of security for your Internet users: EURid, the registry in charge of managing the .EU extension, guarantees owners of .EU domain names a high level of security for their visitors with its ISO27001 certification.
  • A great inclusion with the adaptations of the .EU extension in Cyrillic alphabet (.ею) and in Greek alphabet (.ευ)
  • A very attractive registration price of just €6 excluding VAT to register a .EU, .ею or .ευ domain name! But not so fast! There may well be a surprise waiting for you at the end of this article… 🎁 🤩
  • Have the opportunity to take part in the .EU Web Awards… Find out just afterwards why this event is well worth taking an interest in! 🥳


Focus on the .EU Web Awards


What are the .EU Web Awards?

The .EU Web Awards are a 100% free digital competition organised by EURid, the registry in charge of the .EU, .ею and .ευ extensions. Initiated in 2014, the .EU Web Awards offer all owners of .EU domain names (or its Cyrillic and Greek translations) the chance to try their luck and hope to win n award from different categories!


The advantages of taking part to the .EU Web Awards

Taking part in this competition can offer holders of a .EU domain name two main advantages:

  • It’s a great way to increase your visibility on the web right from the start! The aim of the competition is to collect as many votes as possible in order to reach the final. So by relaying the information to your community, the goal is to get the word out about your website by encouraging as many people as possible to vote!
  • 7 categories for 7 winners! A chance to win a €5,000 marketing campaign in collaboration with a marketing agency selected by EURid 🤩


Meet Dean Decho, founder of Econoimy.eu


Introducing Dean and the Ecoinomy.eu website

Dean Decho, founder of Ecoinomy, offers to help anyone who wants to understand and navigate the world of crypto-currencies. Aware that bitcoin can be an intimidating world at first glance, he decided to create his own platform to gently guide anyone interested in the subject, all with confidence and clarity.

“Just like any innovation, understanding is the key to embracing it. With the right knowledge, what may seem complex becomes straightforward, and what may feel risky becomes safe.

I’m proud to lead a team dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge they need for Bitcoin and blockchain. Our mission is clear – to make cryptocurrencies accessible and easy to understand for everyone.”

Netim x Ecoinomy
From left to right: Violeta DECHEVA (Ecoinomy), Fabrice MAEGHT (Netim), Dean DECHO (Ecoinomy) and Sandy LANTER (Netim)


Ecoinomy.eu offers information and resources on how digital currencies work, to help people get started buying, trading and using crypto-currencies. So if you too would like to learn more about the subject of crypto-currencies, now you know where to turn: Ecoinomy.eu will be able to guide you!


Why did you choose .EU for your website and email addresses?

We opted for .EU reflecting our belief in an interconnected Europe while serving its diverse languages with English being the default one. Adopting the .EU domain allowed us to provide a localized user experience, strengthening our online presence with a single, powerful domain, as opposed to several local ones.


Has this choice increased the visibility or awareness of your website?

Opting for a .EU domain with Netim has indeed been a strategic and beneficial decision for Ecoinomy. The .EU extension has increased our visibility and also significantly contributed to our brand identity and market positioning. Here’s how:

  • Enhanced European Identity: The .EU domain name inherently reflects a European identity and presence. It aligns perfectly with our goal to appeal to a broad European audience, resonating with users across multiple EU countries.
  • Trust and Credibility: The .EU extension is widely recognized and trusted. It implies a certain level of professionalism and legitimacy, which are very important in the finance and cryptocurrency sector.
  • SEO Benefits: From an SEO perspective, the .EU domain name has helped in better targeting the European market. It aids in local search engine optimization, making our site more relevant and easily discoverable to users searching for cryptocurrency information within the EU.
  • Community Connection: The .EU domain name has allowed us to create a stronger connection with the European digital community. A very good example is the .EU Web Awards organized by EURid. It’s a statement of our engagement and integration within the European digital ecosystem.


Recommending .EU to other people or companies: are you for or against?

Absolutely for! I would recommend a .EU domain name to individuals, companies, or associations considering domain registration, especially if they are operating within or targeting the European market.


How did you hear about the .EU Web Awards?

I first learned about the .EU Web Awards through an email from Netim. The moment I mentioned it to my son, his excitement was clear. He’s a big fan of our site and was confident we had a shot at winning. His belief and enthusiasm were the driving forces behind our decision to participate. And thanks to his encouragement, here we are – proud winners and grateful for the experience. Thank you Netim!


Has winning an award had an impact on Ecoinomy.eu’s visibility?

Participating in the .EU Web Awards and winning in our category has been an honor and a moment of pride for Ecoinomy. Honestly we have not yet observed a substantial immediate impact on our website’s visibility or business since the win, the long-term benefits and potential for increased exposure are significant.

It’s an endorsement of our efforts and has certainly opened doors for future opportunities, including potential partnerships, collaborations, and a strengthened reputation within the digital finance community.

The award has energized our team and reinforced our resolve to continue providing excellent service and innovation in our field. We are optimistic that this achievement will progressively enhance our visibility and positively impact our business in the broader European market.


Would you recommend other .EU site owners to take part next year to the .EU Web Awards? If so, why?

Yes, definitely. It’s a great opportunity for increased visibility and recognition in the European digital community. It enhances your brand’s credibility, and also opens up excellent networking opportunities. Plus, the motivational boost it provides to your team is invaluable.


Why have you chosen Netim to register your domain name?

When it came to choosing a registrar for our domain name, Netim stood out for several key reasons.

  • Support: their customer support is exceptional – prompt, professional, and always ready to assist, which is invaluable for ensuring smooth operations.
  • Netim’s user interface impressed us with its intuitiveness. The dashboard is well-designed and organized, allowing us to find what we need quickly and efficiently. This combination of stellar support and user-friendly technology made Netim the clear choice for registering our domain.


Crypto-currencies are arriving at Netim!


📣 And while we’re on the subject of crypto-currencies… 🤩

Netim will be offering its customers the option of paying for their orders in crypto-currencies in addition to the usual payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, cheque…)!

For the moment, only the following stablecoins are accepted:

  • USDt (Theter USD)
  • USDC (USD coin)
  • TUSD (True USD)
  • EURt (Theter EUR)

This will be effective from the beginning of 2024.


Register your .EU domain name now!


If you too are targeting a European audience with your website… then don’t wait another second and opt for the .EU extension for your domain name! 🇪🇺

What’s more, the following voucher offers you a special price* for your registration… Register your .EU domain name for €3 excl. VAT instead of the usual €6 excl. VAT until 31st December 2023 🤫🤩


So register your .EU domain name now… and why not try your luck at the .EU Web Awards 2024? 😉

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